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Atheism, Politeness, Prejudice, Paranoia, and...

Rebecca Vitsmun is an inadvertent American hero.

When Wolf Blitzer assumed that the Louisiana transplant in Oklahoma would be "Thanking the Lord" after surviving a monster tornado, Rebecca Vitsmun politely said, “I… I’m actually an atheist” and “We are here, and I don't blame anyone for thanking the Lord.”

Her demeanor and politeness went against every popularized stereotype of atheists as confrontational and anti-religious freaks (guilty). Her non-belief was only expressed after badgering from Blitzer "You gotta to thank the Lord, right?" And she had nothing bad to say about believers. All this while smiling and holding her 19 month old son.

Those who feel that non-belief is personally and socially offensive still tried to find evil in this awkward and funny exchange with this smart and polite woman.
Some think she is the only atheist in OK and CNN intentionally sought her out.
The true entertainers think the whole interview was actually staged by noted Jew, Blitzer and his producers, as was an act of "Spiritual Darkness". It was staged to make atheism look good in "God's Country":
"We are not fighting against flesh and bone," Beck said. "We are fighting the forces of spiritual darkness and it doesn't matter what people's intent are, but I will tell you that that was there for a reason".

Others just went the boring route and called for Rebecca to repent because she "...needs a change of mind."

Rebecca's brave candor has spawned an "I'm Actually an Atheist" T-shirt charity campaign in OK, of course. Awesome.

If you want to give to relief a little more directly to this and other tornado victims, you can go to non-religious charities like this one: The Rebecca Vitsmun Fund or Atheists Unite

Between this and the Pope's recent openness to atheists and their ability to actually be good people, it's been a good week. Actually.
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