Leighton Rhymes with Satan (leighton) wrote,
Leighton Rhymes with Satan

Oh the dumbanity

I abandoned the iPhone but was loathe to send money to Apple of Korea, Samsung because of similarly-aggressive patenting and litigation tactics. Though their Galaxy S III is a nice piece of plastic, I went with HTC's One X+ solid carbon instead. Plus Samsung fanboys are just as annoying as Apple's but with more hilarious translations. I give you a compilation of the the Android / Samsunger reactions to Apple's recent patent victories over Samsung in the US:

"Samsung products is great! Im highly satisfied and worth the money!
Apple believes that it's has a premiere product, but the truth is, it simply doesn't. 

apparently some of them are more educated then you are. 

Apple is out of ideas. This is an act of desperation.

Shall I agree to jurors being all fussy over Apple claims and who just let out NOs as fast as a machine-gun for Samsung ones?

Do not understand how they could go through approx. 700 question with no questions on there part and they all agreed in two days.

All apple does is grocery shopping from different manufacture and then claim that they invented.

I guess Apple has all them jury's and judges in his pocket."
Tags: apple, phones

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