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Where's my Chicken Report?!

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I now weigh less than I did in college. Time to check for worms, eat more, or do slightly less Bikram.


This section is being typed by my new phone. It's an HTC One X plus, it really works well.


Still testing this voice recognition.  This is on jelly bean Android really nice operating system. I've been an Apple users since the Macintosh 128 k. So this is a big departure for me.

The only drawback so far with Android is the occasional app crash. This is slightly jarring coming from Apple but everything else is just a joy.


Personal update: everything's going well here in Chicago it's a crazy city. I didn't realize I live in a nice neighborhood until people would mention it. East Lakeview is a lot like Ann Arbor or a college town. There's lots of young people and lots of partying and it's fairly safe, so I guess that's different from the bulk of Chicago.


Okay I apologize for the typos and grammar this is the phone reading my voice.


More later. . Happy 12 1212 national soundcheck day . Okay this is going strangely.

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iOS6 and the new iPhone were only incremental advances. The new, proprietary connector and Maps disaster sealed the deal, on my end. Apple makes great, seamless devices and software, but they also preen in the corner stroking that preciousness, while others do more radical advances.

For the same price as the cheapest iPhone 5 (16gig), I got a flagship phone with 4x the memory, twice the processor power and a bigger screen.

Android is buggier, but it is a lot more to play with. Not for everyone, I guess. I like taking apart instruments and machines, but sometimes I break them.

Your icon. I sometimes deny growing up there, but Tampa does have an odd charm. Like a semi-abandoned mall with great sculpture in it.

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