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Microsoftening is gross, profits

Fork Apple?

This may be the beginning of the Microsoftening(TM) of Apple.

Other than forcing me back on FB and the horrid Maps, there are other reported and unreported buggy things making me hate the rollout of iOS 6. And now I seriously doubt Apple's future.

I've owned and dissected Apple products since the first floppy Mac in the 80's, and this is the first "needed" software or hardware upgrade of theirs I'll be skipping.

The stock is taking a hit, but once-dominant Microsoft is still a solid "blue chip" company despite wallowing in similar mediocrity.

As an aside, even for my all-Apple home, AppleTV is a disaster. Instead, I'm using a Roku box (which I want to marry- fuck you cable hussies!).

The industrial design of my two year old iPhone 4 is still amazing. Dropped and kicked and shocked in a decent case, it is like new and plenty useful, for now.

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I ordered a Vizio Co-Star (Google TV version of Roku/Apple TV), but even before it has arrived others have warned me not to expect much. I figure I'll wait and see, but a Roku may be in my future as well.

Heard the newer GTV boxes are just as good and have YouTube. But you can get both for so cheap it's almost worth it for the variety.

Roku can be controlled and modded via iOS devices on the same local network. And it's as fast as the provided remote. Freaky to be able to change channels from rooms away.

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