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Dog Sledding Ice Sledging

The Fiat somehow transported Kara, me, and two back seats full of cold weather gear 270 icy kilometers north of Toronto to the snow kennel. (On Summer tires!)

It was about 15F, but the seasoned, undercoated pooches were lounging outside their shelters. These dogs are Winter machines, but they love affection from us and each other...usually.

After about two hours of terminology, sled, and knot training, we harnessed six racing dogs to a wood sled. This is half of our guide's pro racing team. Kris races twelve dogs in Canada and the States for modest purses.

Six was a handful. We couldn't imagine twelve on these tight trails, much less the Iditarod standard of sixteen!

These dogs are strong! Mushing is a physical test, because it sometimes takes all your strength standing on the brake to even slow the dogs, ...stopping them takes more. On a downhill, forget it. Down a mountain, you have to verbally dominate the dogs to get them to stop or you're wiping out, hanging on to a careening, tipped over sled for dear life. This happened more than once to us. It's scary but really exhilarating.

Sorry, more later...

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