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Selfish Summary of Leighton Story
Hello Russian Porn Spammers!

This is a review of who I, Leighton Mann, have been for the last while:

Five years as an over-ther-road truck driver has eroded my love for the road and humanity (the world is a horrible place), but I still love driving a vehicle that can pull a house off its foundation. The job has also eroded my relationship with local family and friends, so I expect to do something local very soon (even if it involves digging ditches with my Landscape Architecture diploma)... that is after yet another tour.

Speaking of...

Chapstik toured with the Meatmen on the East and West Coast, put out a CD, toured with that. Glori5 put out a CD as a defunct bi-coastal band and played a show with one of Kylesa's drummers, who was awesome for doing so.
I'm now the guitarist for the Meatmen and have gone on multiple tours with Negative Approach and other legendary HC bands as such. Last year, we played to over 2000 people and at a huge festival in Chicago. We tour the West in April and probably Europe in the Fall. Words cannot express the nature of being in a band and conquering the world with one of your heroes (the one who started Touch and Go records and just compiled a great book). Also, you get to be eaten by topless zombies: (for obvious reason, NSFW)

Jennifer and I went to Peru. It's not overrated or overrun by hipsterati, yet.

I now have a forearm tattoo, possibly ensuring I'll never get a real job again.

I haven't had a TV in 4 years. I love Ghost right now. I own thirteen guitars and just gave away one to my nephew. I still own a large van and a Fiero for transport, though I may have to buy something new as neither have A/C. It won't be a new Camaro.

Went into the hospital a couple of times for things that ended up not killing me.

I have money now but expect to be poor when I change jobs.

I hate LiveJournal and the people who run FaceBook.

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Peru was really great-did you go see the Nazca lines?

We flew over the lines when we were in Arequipa, but it was cloudy. Other than the Amazon and Colca Canyon, we went pretty much everywhere else.

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