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The real Ypsilanti (pop. 85)

Some more detail on Ypsilanti, North Dakota (googmap):
Not far south of 94, near Jamestown, this Ypsi's basically a collection of houses and trailers orbiting a serious grain elevator, which is also the town's sole source for gasoline (and was a place to park park the semi in "town").ElevatorElevator(click for some biggie sizes)

They may need to work on their welcome signage:


Despite only having 75-90 residents, they have a huge bar - which had hosted bands like BTO, the Kentucky Headhunters and Tractor. Reminding me of a bigger, scarier Elbow Room, it lost its outdoor stage recently. But the super-friendly bartendress pointed to the indoor stage (currently being used for possibly the scariest karaoke on the planet). She said another guy from the other Ypsi came in once wearing an Ypsilanti cap. I left the bar when an 80-year-old couple came in for their "usual".

There's also a really decent tattoo shop (Prairie Wynde - situated in a 100+ year old building that was once a brothel (frequented by Buffalo Bill supposedly):
I talked to "Bear", the current proprietor, (pictured below) for a while about the Ypsilantis. When I said the word "Ypsi" the first time, he stopped (mid-needling) and smirked to his customer from a nearby town, "See! it's not YIP-see, its IP-see!" He moved there from LA and used to do lights for Randy Rhodes' early bands. He, of course, had some great RnR stories (about Van Halen among others) which will not be repeated here.

I had to get all the way to the west side of MT by the next day, so I left for my truck only to be accosted by 3 menacing dogs guarding the semi. With a grunt, they let me by to deal with a leaky axle seal which, thankfully, would not strand me in the land of nowhere and exploding meth labs.
(road in and out of town)

Maproom Systems has already written about ND's Ypsiganger, calling for a wagon train West!

I'm wondering if the Tattoo Shop is one of the buildings pictured in his historic post?


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