stop fucking whining about MSG

Through old and purportedly racist (really) misconceptions, MSG is still considered a poison by some. It isn't.


It's natural. It doesn't give you headaches. It won't trigger an allergic reaction. Science has proven this.






Atheism, Politeness, Prejudice, Paranoia, and...

Rebecca Vitsmun is an inadvertent American hero.

When Wolf Blitzer assumed that the Louisiana transplant in Oklahoma would be "Thanking the Lord" after surviving a monster tornado, Rebecca Vitsmun politely said, “I… I’m actually an atheist” and “We are here, and I don't blame anyone for thanking the Lord.”

Her demeanor and politeness went against every popularized stereotype of atheists as confrontational and anti-religious freaks (guilty). Her non-belief was only expressed after badgering from Blitzer "You gotta to thank the Lord, right?" And she had nothing bad to say about believers. All this while smiling and holding her 19 month old son.

Those who feel that non-belief is personally and socially offensive still tried to find evil in this awkward and funny exchange with this smart and polite woman.
Some think she is the only atheist in OK and CNN intentionally sought her out.
The true entertainers think the whole interview was actually staged by noted Jew, Blitzer and his producers, as was an act of "Spiritual Darkness". It was staged to make atheism look good in "God's Country":
"We are not fighting against flesh and bone," Beck said. "We are fighting the forces of spiritual darkness and it doesn't matter what people's intent are, but I will tell you that that was there for a reason".

Others just went the boring route and called for Rebecca to repent because she "...needs a change of mind."

Rebecca's brave candor has spawned an "I'm Actually an Atheist" T-shirt charity campaign in OK, of course. Awesome.

If you want to give to relief a little more directly to this and other tornado victims, you can go to non-religious charities like this one: The Rebecca Vitsmun Fund or Atheists Unite

Between this and the Pope's recent openness to atheists and their ability to actually be good people, it's been a good week. Actually.

Oh the dumbanity

I abandoned the iPhone but was loathe to send money to Apple of Korea, Samsung because of similarly-aggressive patenting and litigation tactics. Though their Galaxy S III is a nice piece of plastic, I went with HTC's One X+ solid carbon instead. Plus Samsung fanboys are just as annoying as Apple's but with more hilarious translations. I give you a compilation of the the Android / Samsunger reactions to Apple's recent patent victories over Samsung in the US:

"Samsung products is great! Im highly satisfied and worth the money!
Apple believes that it's has a premiere product, but the truth is, it simply doesn't. 

apparently some of them are more educated then you are. 

Apple is out of ideas. This is an act of desperation.

Shall I agree to jurors being all fussy over Apple claims and who just let out NOs as fast as a machine-gun for Samsung ones?

Do not understand how they could go through approx. 700 question with no questions on there part and they all agreed in two days.

All apple does is grocery shopping from different manufacture and then claim that they invented.

I guess Apple has all them jury's and judges in his pocket."

testes 12 testes 12

I now weigh less than I did in college. Time to check for worms, eat more, or do slightly less Bikram.


This section is being typed by my new phone. It's an HTC One X plus, it really works well.


Still testing this voice recognition.  This is on jelly bean Android really nice operating system. I've been an Apple users since the Macintosh 128 k. So this is a big departure for me.

The only drawback so far with Android is the occasional app crash. This is slightly jarring coming from Apple but everything else is just a joy.


Personal update: everything's going well here in Chicago it's a crazy city. I didn't realize I live in a nice neighborhood until people would mention it. East Lakeview is a lot like Ann Arbor or a college town. There's lots of young people and lots of partying and it's fairly safe, so I guess that's different from the bulk of Chicago.


Okay I apologize for the typos and grammar this is the phone reading my voice.


More later. . Happy 12 1212 national soundcheck day . Okay this is going strangely.


It's over. It's oh oh over.

#IamVotingRomneyBecause I don't think you should be allowed to drink coffee anymore.

My guess: Romney will win in a squeaker brought about by lower-class white males' enthusiasm to be further economically repressed in exchange for closed borders and extra shooting opportunities. Bonus factor: voter suppression works.
I'm looking at the Wisconsin recall failure as an example of how polls can be very skewed to the left by ignoring these things.

Not that there isn't huge enthusiasm in First World Problem Central, Lakeview, Chicago:

My work often has me in Englewood, on the South Side of Chicago. Yes, that Englewood:
Probably not going to be a super upbeat place after a tense Obama loss.

Politics almost never drastically affect my white male reality, by design.
But there was a pause in my Republican mother's thoughts as I explained I could not easily afford to be in architecture again because healthcare costs are so high for any kind of freelancer / designer. Most design offices have very poor or zero benefits compared to those of trucking / logistics firms, so I'll likely be a glorified truck driver (much to her chagrin) for a bit longer if healthcare reform is reversed and I have to wait for a joke of a promised Romney trickle down of replacement healthcare policies.

#IamVotingRomneyBecause it should be federally required to say "Good Mormon" in public before noon.

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Contain Yourself

Would you live in a repurposed shipping container (or two)?

There are thousands of these things around Chicago alone that are not useable anymore for intermodal work, but some have really decent interiors.

Hardwood floors even.

One of the new jobs I'm looking into involves moving and renovating containers creatively.
The hard part is determining how well people would get over the "trailer" stigma and how to mitigate any negative perceptions.


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Cutting the Cutting Cutters in Traffic--> profit? Prophet

One of my two new jobs partially involves driving a semi. So I get to see Chicagoans at their driving best and worst.

At a chronically-jammed off ramp from 55 to 94, most people stack dutifully in the right lane and wait their turn to experience the joys of facing Wisconsin.

Of course, some try to zoom up to the end of the line and merge late, saving maybe a minute of commute time. Seeing my truck, I am usually their betting target for a space to slip into, ahead of my front bumper.

They wait in the middle lane of interstate 55 for traffic to move and then squeeze in front of me. This stops traffic in an otherwise moving highway lane.

Some even jump into the left to cut in front of the cutters, slowing continuing traffic even more. These blockers are my target.

I bait them by letting one or two early mergers in front of me, acting like wounded prey. And there are studies that say some late merging is actually good for flow.

But these later lane-blockers are selfishly assuming they deserve a space while inconveniencing others.

I picked my victim today: a Jeep Liberty who blocked two lanes and is now trying to get in front of me at the painted triangle.

Trucks only seem slow in traffic. With shifting skill, a lighter load, and anticipation I can leave zero squeezing room between me and the car in front of me- but still keeping a safe distance at such a crawl.

I did this while Ms. Liberty persistently tried to dart in front of my truck. No quarter given. She approaches a drab parked car in the painted triangle that blocks her way. No quarter. Try behind me or continue forward on 55, please.

She eventually gives up on me, and merges behind- but only after almost hitting said parked car...

...which turns out to be the unmarked police car I thought it was.

Lights come on. Ms. Liberty's commute is extended by a lot more than a minute and by more than a few extra dollars.

Will she try that again? Was I a sanctimonious dick for making her morning miserable?

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Pac Ghosts SOB


Putting the tea in Bacteria.

Current projects: Fermenting kombucha (tea), fermenting peppers for my own sriracha sauce, and training the cat to go on leashed walks - which is also a form of fermentation.

Charro is trying to escape. So I'm slowly getting her used to a harness for walks. And, yes, I live in a Jewish retirement high rise.

Biggest accomplishment lately: averaging over five Bikram Hell Yoga classes for a while. Almost to my 100th class. I didn't die doing back to back classes.

Blog about my doing awful things:

Also: face tattoo.

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Microsoftening is gross, profits

Fork Apple?

This may be the beginning of the Microsoftening(TM) of Apple.

Other than forcing me back on FB and the horrid Maps, there are other reported and unreported buggy things making me hate the rollout of iOS 6. And now I seriously doubt Apple's future.

I've owned and dissected Apple products since the first floppy Mac in the 80's, and this is the first "needed" software or hardware upgrade of theirs I'll be skipping.

The stock is taking a hit, but once-dominant Microsoft is still a solid "blue chip" company despite wallowing in similar mediocrity.

As an aside, even for my all-Apple home, AppleTV is a disaster. Instead, I'm using a Roku box (which I want to marry- fuck you cable hussies!).

The industrial design of my two year old iPhone 4 is still amazing. Dropped and kicked and shocked in a decent case, it is like new and plenty useful, for now.

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