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KIA Soul in Ypsi
Killed in Action is about to introduce a mini Scion xB rip-off called the Soul. It's not as cool as the promised US version asymmetrical Nissan Cube (which I saw recently in Ypsi as well, complete with steering wheel on the wrong side). I saw this KIA in person behind Sidetracks (not far from the KIA development center) with camouflage tape removed, ...not bad... especially if it's cheap.

The KIA will look good with big wheels. But there is nothing smart about extra unsprung weight on an econobox.
Meh. Living next to auto developmentland used to mean seeing things like the new Camaro drive by your house every other day. Now it's KIA literal penalty boxes.

Welcome to the era of the recessionmobile! And cheap GTOs.

It's so good, you'll eat it.
Now that it's been open a while, and multiple meals affirm it's for real: Taqueria La Loma (a Salvadoran cafe across Michigan Ave from Mantis) is, so far, the best new restaurant in the area this year.
As good as most decent taquerias in San Antonio / as good as Taqueria Jalisco
Non-ketchup-based salsa is actually hot - not midwestern wussmild
We've been the only anglos in there
We've been the only ones not eating lengua tacos
Telenovelas on the TV, complete with badly-dyed mustaches
It's within walking distance
They have ceviche, and it doesn't suck
They have meneudo (not going there)
I bet they'd do Tamales /Sopa de Huitlacoche** (Corn Fungus Tamales /Soup) if we begged.

**It tastes as good as much as it looks like a meth head's brain!

Also new and good locally is the Drive Through (I refuse to type the word "Thru") Bearclaw Coffee....located in a small Fotomat-esque shack in a parking lot on Ellsworth and Hewitt. Great iced mocha and good service so far. But I don't drink coffee, so you have to help them.

Way off Target
It's been five minutes yet? Can I rant again about Ypsi being disrespected by the white interlopers?

This from the Target store finder Website:
Ann Arbor East Target
3749 Carpenter Rd , Ypsilanti, MI 48197-9809 USA

(Those keeping score could note that the trailer park right next to this Target is the former "hood" of Iggy Pop, with an Ypsi address).

Sure, I could see calling it the Pittsfield Townshit Target, because that's the township the store occupies (and it's a township full of crap), but Ann Arbor? The Third nearest Target is in Canton, but they don't call it Ypsilanti East for some reason.
You know everyone wants a part of our Ypsi Target's sweet consumer ass because it has a pharmacy, easy access, parking and an optical store - unlike those other, lower trash Targets.

Ann Arbour Youth Tobacco Brigade
Most would think my disdain for lefties who smoke cigarettes could not be topped, but at least some of them are addicted, and many are friends (plus they make my uncles richer).
But recently I saw much worse human samples- vile creatures that only a town like Ann Arbour could produce: teens smoking Sherlock pipes while talking about literature and chess, in front of a corporate chain.

The only consolation was the fact that I was stuck in traffic in the Fiero with "She's Got Balls" seeping out of the Krokusvagen. I probably forgot the windows were open and let a loud "What the Fuck!?" accompany the transsexual AC/DC tune. The post-peachfuzzers crew looked they should have been.

"Makes you look distinguished and possibly helps to out wit criminal masterminds (or semi-colons and dark-skinned interlopers?)."

But AA's youth can sink further: When attempting to pull away from the curb in my escape from "Treeless Town" a very white boy with a pseudo Dr. Know turban asked which way I was heading (this after calling me "Mon").

"Ypsi", I replied.
"Could you drop me at my house, mon?"

Turns out he lived only a few blocks away in AA and really "just wanted to ride in this low car". Astoundingly, he likes reggae, smokes pot and cigarettes and assumed I did too.

Where's my hair clippers?..and my crossbow?


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