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Every Time You See a Rainbow, God is Having Gay Sex
How old are you really? Take a gander at this sticker on a garbage can (found recently at a Sacramento Fry's) and pause your iPod Touch:

I always wonder if the rainbow scheme / logo was dropped because of the gay thing,... or maybe they want clean white fruit to mean gay instead.

How old an Appler am I?
I personally remember what could be called "System 1" on a single floppy

Somewhere in my mother's house is my 1st generation Macintosh 128k (no hard drive). It suffered multiple deaths because Jobs had no clue about an Earth Phenomenon called lightning. If a bolt struck an electrical pole three states away, the 128's board would do its best imitation of blackened flounder.

"Sweden, the only country where the clouds are interesting." - Stranglers

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