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Palindrones need more dilithium crystals to enact Stepford mode

So, Palin's favorable ratings are now plunging and her negatives are surgin'. Why? Because her identity politic fu only works on the truly delusional "feminist" women after two weeks of realization.

Sure, 90% of African-American voters will vote for the Half-African-American, but that will actually be a vote for their interests. O'Bama's policies would actually benefit them, unlike Alan Keyes'.

Post-menopausal Femocrats aside, any "feminist" who votes a Creationist, anti-birth-control pill / education, anti-choicer, rapist-friendly woman to within inches of the Presidency are the worst kind of identity voter. This also goes for GOP women.

Feminist deserve McCain if they vote Republican solely because some asshole non-Hillary Democrat posted pics like this:

That said, here's something completely different:
I now love Karl Rove. Why? He is an atheist who demurely makes fun of all the duped "fundies" who voted for his candidates. The fundies had what they thought were their men in Congress and Oval Office, but said pols did little concrete to sate the religious beast.

Wait, now they have a true religious, tongue-speakin', end timesin' freak they can IDENTIFY with in Palin! Future President McCain should avoid 7th Day Adventists with guns.

It's Those Jews' Own Faults...Lieberman Liberals

When the Coultergeist recently said that "perfected" Jews will be the ones who convert to Xtianity, the hard wall of reality hit NYC NeoCons: Right Wing Christians will keep you around until it's no longer convenient to slum with the infidels. Then Jews can go where they belong, if they don't convert: Hell.

As an atheist, I still appreciate the rituals of the Orthodox. Kosher practices are very interesting, like those of vegans; very aligning. But blind devotion to a theology can turn otherwise sane people like Senator Lieberman to regularly go on the radio agreeing with neckbrain Hannity in person. My Orthodox in-laws are cosmopolitan New Yorkers who work with artists, but they still support Bush like their Temple depended on it.

What must the Islamic world think of us when we go through with war plans written up by wealthy Christian and Jewish fundamentalists before and after 9/11?
More Islamic fundamentalists are created by fomenters with theories. Asinine conspiracy theories need fleshy details. And we give them away like candy:

Blackwater Mercenaries are total Dominionist nutcases from Michigan and the South.
The word "Crusade" is used knowingly in military and Bush circles.
Generals and officials with jewish names are sent to run the initial occupation and reconstruction contracting (some are found to be corrupt).
Troops in Iraq have imbedded Christian missionaries, armed with bibles for the Iraqis and non-believing troops.

And guess who is screaming for us to invade Iran?
“As an American strike in Iran is essential for our existence, we must help him pave the way by lobbying the Democratic Party (which is conducting itself foolishly) and US newspaper editors,” declares Israeli Brigadier General Oded Tira. “We need to do this in order to turn the Iranian issue to a bipartisan one and unrelated to the Iraq failure.”

And some people actually say that being anti-Israel (in its current form) is anti-semitic. Those people would be dumb.

Why I'm an atheist and into extreme metal... and you may not be
Leighton CHurch
There's one reason people can't agree on one True religion (negating the existence of a religious "truth"). And there's a reason I why can't deny love for music that Vikings might enjoy as a soundtrack to the village pillage and raping:


People tend to worship people / deities who look like them. Asians tend to be Buddhist or Hindu. Arabs tend to be Muslim... etc. It's a lazy, lazy premise, but it's reality for the most part.

There are exceptions (especially in Southeast Asia and generalized Western Christianity), but they are always spoiled by things like the depiction of an American Jesus looking more like Kris Kristofferson than someone from the Middle East. And the popular Mormons are on track to bleach the theology to country-club proportions with their lost American Tribe of Israel narrative that borders on racism.

The height of Christian Hyponopocrisy, to me, came when the fair-skinned people of Baton Rouge were appalled at the depiction of a "Black Jesus" at a chapel in Southern University (an excellent, historically black university). Never-mind that such a depiction is probably geographically and tonally closer than the uber-anglicized version we see in Flemish or Chick Publications' art.

Nice try, but no true religion = no such thing.

Religion tries to branch out beyond its ethnic boundaries under the guise of spreading good things to the ignorant, but it usually devolves into a theological form of ethnic cleansing complete with backlash / modification of "wealthier" beliefs by the "ignorant" (Virgin de Guadeloupe). See explosive Mormonism in South America, then vomit.


All this applies to music (the other religion) as well. You get your valiant, if tasteless, attempts at ant-ethnocentricity like Paul Simon's Graceland, but don't try to tell your average middle-aged American Jewish person that Babs Streisand's music is overrated or possibly schlock.

This leads me to self examination: Why can I not get into Hip Hop at all? Why do my ears gravitate towards anything violently, mythologically south of Guns 'N Roses - no matter how stupid it seems to the real world?

It might be my Norse / Manx heritage.

Maybe, subconsciously, I'd rather not hear one person who doesn't look like me shout (not sing) about how great they are? Maybe I'd rather hear a group of people who look like me scream (not sing) about pain and destruction in the vague name of valor or life experience?

This has nothing to do with ethnocentricity, but homosexuality and music is slightly related.Collapse )

Excuse me, I have to catch a plane. Me and some dudes gotta to burn down a usurping Xtian Church outside of Helsinki in the name of Thør, fire, pussy, and shiny things.

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