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Atheism, Politeness, Prejudice, Paranoia, and...
Rebecca Vitsmun is an inadvertent American hero.

When Wolf Blitzer assumed that the Louisiana transplant in Oklahoma would be "Thanking the Lord" after surviving a monster tornado, Rebecca Vitsmun politely said, “I… I’m actually an atheist” and “We are here, and I don't blame anyone for thanking the Lord.”

Her demeanor and politeness went against every popularized stereotype of atheists as confrontational and anti-religious freaks (guilty). Her non-belief was only expressed after badgering from Blitzer "You gotta to thank the Lord, right?" And she had nothing bad to say about believers. All this while smiling and holding her 19 month old son.

Those who feel that non-belief is personally and socially offensive still tried to find evil in this awkward and funny exchange with this smart and polite woman.
Some think she is the only atheist in OK and CNN intentionally sought her out.
The true entertainers think the whole interview was actually staged by noted Jew, Blitzer and his producers, as was an act of "Spiritual Darkness". It was staged to make atheism look good in "God's Country":
"We are not fighting against flesh and bone," Beck said. "We are fighting the forces of spiritual darkness and it doesn't matter what people's intent are, but I will tell you that that was there for a reason".

Others just went the boring route and called for Rebecca to repent because she "...needs a change of mind."

Rebecca's brave candor has spawned an "I'm Actually an Atheist" T-shirt charity campaign in OK, of course. Awesome.

If you want to give to relief a little more directly to this and other tornado victims, you can go to non-religious charities like this one: The Rebecca Vitsmun Fund or Atheists Unite

Between this and the Pope's recent openness to atheists and their ability to actually be good people, it's been a good week. Actually.

It's over. It's oh oh over.

#IamVotingRomneyBecause I don't think you should be allowed to drink coffee anymore.

My guess: Romney will win in a squeaker brought about by lower-class white males' enthusiasm to be further economically repressed in exchange for closed borders and extra shooting opportunities. Bonus factor: voter suppression works.
I'm looking at the Wisconsin recall failure as an example of how polls can be very skewed to the left by ignoring these things.

Not that there isn't huge enthusiasm in First World Problem Central, Lakeview, Chicago:

My work often has me in Englewood, on the South Side of Chicago. Yes, that Englewood:
Probably not going to be a super upbeat place after a tense Obama loss.

Politics almost never drastically affect my white male reality, by design.
But there was a pause in my Republican mother's thoughts as I explained I could not easily afford to be in architecture again because healthcare costs are so high for any kind of freelancer / designer. Most design offices have very poor or zero benefits compared to those of trucking / logistics firms, so I'll likely be a glorified truck driver (much to her chagrin) for a bit longer if healthcare reform is reversed and I have to wait for a joke of a promised Romney trickle down of replacement healthcare policies.

#IamVotingRomneyBecause it should be federally required to say "Good Mormon" in public before noon.

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Fiat Update #2

Fiatupdate #2

(hooked in Portage, IN)

With less than 200 miles on the odo, my Fiat Cinquecento (pronounced "cinquecento") was placed on the hotseat to accomplish one task: get me to Chicago, fast, and without exploding or making me look gay.

Only the smart car is smaller, so I didn't expect a GT experience over the 260 miles of 94. At one point, the 500 got darty, following every groove in the pavement. But this may have more to do with the fact that I was traveling closer to 100mph than I should. The thing is coffin (bad word?) quiet at speed with little wind noise to indicate velocity. Cruise control deployed-> dartyness gone --> jail time averted.

Big difference between the Fiat and an Aveo, Fiesta, or a Mazda 2 is not smaller size but an Italian interior. Some of the TWENTY buttons on the steering wheel get accidentally pushed or have alien cryptographs indicating possible invasion initiation purposes, but otherwise this is functional fashion.

Let me say I say a word about Satellite Radio: dumb.

This thing is small, but it has one advantage over my Fiero: four seats. A friend's wife was the willing first victim of the 500's back seat. She's of average height and said she was fine back there, but I doubt a third or fourth disciple would willingly road trip in this thing, outside of a Catholic Penance ritual.

Parking Cinquecento in the Second City is promiscuous. You're always finding a slot that others have to refuse due to size issues. But I refused to do what even Europeans think is a dick move: parking perpendicular to the curb. The electric steering out of Sport mode is liquid light. Pinky parking happened a couple times. Wait, that may have looked gay.

I must go back this weekend and regain my manhood. More...

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In the Tank: Listening to AM "talk" radio so you don't have to?
Bugeyed Baby Corpse

(bought warily at a truck stop on 75)

I just heard a caller to a national radio show define Obama's impending C.H.A.N.G.E. as:

The host just chuckled and said "Good one" before moving on.

Earlier, Palin heard a woman at her rally yell "He's a N****r!" She paused and moved on.
But she's being picked on for being a woman, which justifies racism. Hell.. she's been called a diva, dumb elephant, and a fembot, ...by her campaign.

Oh and another show just blamed the current economic crisis on...

Wait for it...

God's Punishment for...

Wait for it...

Legal abortion.

Why am I suddenly hungry...?

Over all, AM talk show call-in clones swear up and down McCain has it locked up. I would disagree with either having a lock.

Working on a podcast with recordings of all these geniuses.

On a lighter note, here's an Ypsi assault story bastian sent
Ypsilanti man pleads guilty to assault with chicken, fork

(no subject)
Where is this, Germany? France? England?

No, it's in Rosemary Beach, Florida near Seaside (the creepy-clean and expensive planned community where they filmed The Truman Show). I'm guessing the people who own the town's $1million + houses would rather live in replica Europe than have to actually visit the faggy real Europe.

Spent a bit of family time in this Panhandle of the Wang of the Nation. It's an odd mix of filthy rich and rural Southern white trash. Nearby Pensacola is known for its murdering abortion protesters and reactionary politics. (Thankfully these pro-life assholes get raped in prison, then gets executed). If you wonder where all the McCain 08 stickers are, they are in Peniscola, FL.

So that's what they call it...
The GOP may have finally fallen on its own penile sword with the latest Foley crap.

Been listening to local, rural talk radio today. And it's confirmed, the GOP base has dropped out over the "never married" Republican from Florida soliciting boys via IM.

Suburban farmers will not vote for a party that protects "their own homos". Even though the difference between pedophiles and homosexuals is laughably huge, the hick and file are in a puke chain reaction over the IMs. And it's almost as funny as Jackass 2.

Foley says he "might be an alcoholic", uh, that's what they're calling pedophiles these days?
(Someone tell him the percentage of straight pedophiles is much higher than he thinks)

completely unrelated: George Michael found slumped over in car, again

If anyone ever doubted the evil of showing toes in public...
I give you:

The website selling these features pure, delusional, lobe-abusing idiocy. The same page that swears the "sandals" are made by good Christians in "non sweatshop" Thailand also features a good Christian man sporting a Nike logo. Methinks this is a joke just for Boing 2x fodder, but I'm not thinking too hard.

Flip flops: Buffet sang about them, and this is the final straw. I'm going to burn any "foot thongs" I see,... with acid. If feet get in the way...

Right Wing Catholic Town USA, hold the reality
Speaking at a Boston Catholic High School gym, Our Lord Tom Monaghan talks about his planned town in SW Florida to surround Ave Maria version 666 (via the Boston Phoenix plus herre Wonkette):
"...We’ve already had about 3500 people inquire on our Web site about buying a home there — you know, they’re all Catholic," Monaghan says excitedly. "We’re going to control all the commercial real estate, so there’s not going to be any pornography (except the Bible?)sold in this town. We’re controlling the cable system. The pharmacies are not going to be able to sell condoms or dispense contraceptives." A private chapel will be located within walking distance of each home. At the stunning church in the center of town, Mass will be said hourly, seven days a week, from 6 a.m. on. "So, it’ll be a unique town." As he exits the stage, the applause is thunderous.

How I'd love to be a tertiary Landscape Architect on that project, so I could slip in some numerology and pentagrams into the landscape's flatter geometry. I managed to slip quite a bit of such things into the Sea World San Antonio design...tee heeee.

Much more subtle than monaghan's 250-foot-crucifix bearing a 40-foot Jesus.

My hometown hopefully gets its last dateline:
Largo, Florida
Autopsy of Terri Schiavo Released

An autopsy on Terri Schiavo backed her husband's contention that she was in a persistent vegetative state, finding that she had massive and irreversible brain damage and was blind, the medical examiner's office said Wednesday. It also found no evidence that she was strangled or otherwise abused.

I'd love to see the husband go on live TV today and say "FUCK YOU, PAT HANNITY ROBERTSON".

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