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Oh the dumbanity

I abandoned the iPhone but was loathe to send money to Apple of Korea, Samsung because of similarly-aggressive patenting and litigation tactics. Though their Galaxy S III is a nice piece of plastic, I went with HTC's One X+ solid carbon instead. Plus Samsung fanboys are just as annoying as Apple's but with more hilarious translations. I give you a compilation of the the Android / Samsunger reactions to Apple's recent patent victories over Samsung in the US:

"Samsung products is great! Im highly satisfied and worth the money!
Apple believes that it's has a premiere product, but the truth is, it simply doesn't. 

apparently some of them are more educated then you are. 

Apple is out of ideas. This is an act of desperation.

Shall I agree to jurors being all fussy over Apple claims and who just let out NOs as fast as a machine-gun for Samsung ones?

Do not understand how they could go through approx. 700 question with no questions on there part and they all agreed in two days.

All apple does is grocery shopping from different manufacture and then claim that they invented.

I guess Apple has all them jury's and judges in his pocket."
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testes 12 testes 12

I now weigh less than I did in college. Time to check for worms, eat more, or do slightly less Bikram.


This section is being typed by my new phone. It's an HTC One X plus, it really works well.


Still testing this voice recognition.  This is on jelly bean Android really nice operating system. I've been an Apple users since the Macintosh 128 k. So this is a big departure for me.

The only drawback so far with Android is the occasional app crash. This is slightly jarring coming from Apple but everything else is just a joy.


Personal update: everything's going well here in Chicago it's a crazy city. I didn't realize I live in a nice neighborhood until people would mention it. East Lakeview is a lot like Ann Arbor or a college town. There's lots of young people and lots of partying and it's fairly safe, so I guess that's different from the bulk of Chicago.


Okay I apologize for the typos and grammar this is the phone reading my voice.


More later. . Happy 12 1212 national soundcheck day . Okay this is going strangely.

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Microsoftening is gross, profits

Fork Apple?

This may be the beginning of the Microsoftening(TM) of Apple.

Other than forcing me back on FB and the horrid Maps, there are other reported and unreported buggy things making me hate the rollout of iOS 6. And now I seriously doubt Apple's future.

I've owned and dissected Apple products since the first floppy Mac in the 80's, and this is the first "needed" software or hardware upgrade of theirs I'll be skipping.

The stock is taking a hit, but once-dominant Microsoft is still a solid "blue chip" company despite wallowing in similar mediocrity.

As an aside, even for my all-Apple home, AppleTV is a disaster. Instead, I'm using a Roku box (which I want to marry- fuck you cable hussies!).

The industrial design of my two year old iPhone 4 is still amazing. Dropped and kicked and shocked in a decent case, it is like new and plenty useful, for now.

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