LeIgHtOn RhYmEs WiTh Seitan

Where's my Chicken Report?!

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Does living in one get you out of paying property tax? That might entice more than a few people...

I bet some municipalities looking to unload these containers might waive their taxes, but states like Texas might add them.

I have 10 acres of vacant land that is just begging for such a cabin.

I think it's really the exterior that puts people off. I wonder if adding a couple window-boxes (after adding windows, of course) and a dummy slanted roof would help change the perception.

Yeah, you either have to cover the facade with landscape or embrace the industrial look with these corrugated boxes. Probably the former in your land's case.

Repurposed boxes in Europe have tarred roofs with a slight pitch to them. A facade roof might help Americans deal better with the severity of angles.

I would. I'd love to learn how to repurpose these things, link them together, wire them up and get plumbing in them.

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