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Where's my Chicken Report?!

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Chicago is boring? How can that be?!

I don't think I entirely understand your new job, but it sounds good if it lets you do those other things too.

There's almost too much going on to filter and deal with in Chicago, yet I still feel like this is a small Midwestern town. It's hard to pin down. NYC feels like a big city, but this feels like a huge network of neighborhoods.

Having a job here might be the anchor that makes it all decipherable.
The job involves organizing (on the ground) the taking of things on / off trains, trucks, into and out of clients. Mundane, but I am unfortunately good at it.

Philly loves their scrapple. I enjoy it. It's mostly cornmeal, but yeah, flavored with all the parts that weren't otherwise worth eating. I've seen vegetarian versions, but doesn't that, in some ways, seem even more wrong?

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