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It could be a lot worse.

As odd and depressing moving alone into an efficiency is, it could be worse. Though it's in Ypsi, the place is pretty secure and none of my visiting friends knew yet exactly where it is. So it seemed really odd to get a knock at the door on one of my first nights alone.

I couldn't tell who was at the door, but I could tell there were two of them, and they were large men. Bored and tired from moving, I went ahead and opened the door...

it was two cops asking, forcefully: "Hey, ______ _____! Are you _______ _____?!"

"No, I'm subletting from him, he's in St. Joe."

"Good, we can find him easily there"

Awkward silence. Cops: "His ex-wife said he might hurt himself. Did he seem suicidal to you?"

Me: "No, he didn't mention it."

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that's hilarious, in a bad way


It certainly diverted my attention.
I need to call the guy, since it's been a while.

A couple people mentioned that his wife may have called cops to paint him as unstable in a custody case. Now I'm really not complaining.

My only legitimate complaint is there's not enough wall space for all my art.

Welcome to your new apartment....

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