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It was a good run

It's amicable. No one cheated. Our interests just drifted. We are still great friends. Therapy didn't help, months and months didn't help. We lasted much longer than our parents' marriages. Ta da.

Hopefully unrelated, I got an Italian car.

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sorry to hear that--it must be hard, even if it's amicable

Thanks. Yeah it could be so much worse, but I guess it's never "good" or we'd throw a party.

No. I was looking to move to Detroit. But you can't quit Ypsi so easily. Heh.

I would've thought you'd leave Michigan entirely. Here's your chance to get the hell out of this place! LOL

Heh, I truck and tour a lot, so Michigan doesn't get enough of my time to piss me off. Plus, I play guitar in the Meatmen, so I'm still married to the Great Lakes for the time being.

Detroit City is the place to go, if you wanna lick gonads or blow a stiff!

Ha! You know the words better than I do. That's the "get ready to get pushed back into your amp song". But I start it, so I'm all prepped.

I have a very vivid memory of buying my copy of "We're the Meatmen and You Suck." Still have that LP 23 years later...

That's worth money! It's been reissued so many times.
It's odd to be in a band I played on the radio in the 80's. And it's really weird to be in a band with a guy who has his own bobblehead.

Dislike. But, I understand and know the feeling. Hugs to ya.

Unrelated: What kind of car?

Thanks. Guess you learn a lot with experience. Feel like I've been sent back to undergrad.
There's a lot of this going around lately, though our dissolution has been two years in the making.

The car is a new Fiat 500. It's tiny but really fun. Now that my living expenses are a third of what they were, I will soon be able to drop that Corvette engine in the back of the Fiero.

You probably don't want sympathy- but hey, just wanted to say I feel for you and I'm sure you're both making the best of a less-than-good situation. It always sucks whether it's amicable or not. Ride on, Fiero!!

Thanks. The mope months were last year. Now, I'd just sing Queen's "I'm in Love with My Car", but that's kinda creepy.

I'm sorry to hear it. that's hard, even when you know it's for the best.

You don't seem like the sort to get much from internet hugs but I'll send the sentiment nevertheless...

Thank you.
My Manx stoicism might have gotten me into this, but I am still a hugger somehow.

I kinda posted this here as a note-to-self, but all your thoughts are appreciated and a nice surprise.

Sorry to hear it. Hope you both are doing okay.

Thanks. We're doing fairly well, considering most of the gnashing happened last year. Sorry we weren;t in Seattle long enough to hang out last time.

Balls, balls.

I am glad that Glori5 played my 30th birthday party.

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